Thursday, June 23, 2011

what happen to me

Been home (k.k) for a month now.
Miss the upm life?
No i guess..
everything turn out to be so normal.

I dunt even realize its bout a month since i back from kl
Open up my blog and realize
wow.. the song so sad. Whatever.

Now, when i turn on my msn.
go for Upm contact list,
lol... their is no one that fel to msn anymore
maybe coz i finish up my upm life.
Nothing to ask or share with them.?

Maybe in the near future,
my mind come out with something to ask u all. haha
not funny......

just to update...
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Monday, May 16, 2011


I hate when i'm in middle
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Thursday, May 12, 2011


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

good post i had

hahaha. view bck all the oldpost i wrote in this blog.
Found some nice post that i love.
click to view~

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I'm so sick  of every single thing now.
Empty my mind and try to relex for the pas 10 days.
i get this strange things happen everytime i tried to sleep.

Its been awhile now.
I will be awake every 2 hour and i dunno why.
My mind was empty i was relex

Too happy to be home soon? NO~
Too sad leaving soon? NO!!
cant wait to be home? Maybe
As i waited lonely for 10 days.

Been good to my self lately.
treated my stomach well .
 start to gain alot of extra kg.( i guess)

Stranger Stranger Stranger.
Everyone look unfamiliar now
I hate it~
I dunt wan to comment bout it~
I just wan to forget bout it~
" got this geli bangala uncle kept on asking me some weird question"
His main purpose is to take the cardboard tot~ lol
tak mau cakap banyak banyak dengan u sudah la.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

steven law

I'm glad that you are happy
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Friday, May 6, 2011

when the last teardrop fall

It's so hard to lose the one you love
to finally to have to say goodbye
you try to be strong but the pain keeps holding on
and all that you can do is cry.

Deep within your heart you know its time to move on,
When the last tear drop falls
I'll still be holding on to all of or memories
and all of what used to be.

When the last tear drop falls
I will stand tall and know that
your here with mein my heart

See now I'm alone and life keeps moving on,
but my destination still unknown
Will there be a time when I fall in love again.
When I would want to just walk these streets alone.

If there was just one wish I could be granted here tonight.
It would be to have you right back by my side.
Now its time for me to find my hapiness again
of the emptiness of missing you will never ever end.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

sien days.

Don't apologize
cause i just losing what i don't deserve

Sorry to anyone that i make crazy request today.
Haha. bread for 2 days edi..
i cant eat T.T
i'm in pain!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nick Vujicic


Nick Vujicic
some 1 that inspire me


look for him at youtube
and u will get what i mean.
I should be thankful, no more argue

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penis post!

Added 4 new English sentimental songs to my blog
Check it out,
Been fall in love with those song for so long
I sound like a girl now. haha

Anywhere, what do u all expect
I do have soft part.
Not talking bout my PENIS ok..
Alrite then ,MY penis get erection sometime
Where am i... sorry for the PENIS.
ITS come out from no where.

NOW we come to the main point,
What point? no point. SO blur rite now.
In few more month,
There will be big changing of my lifestyle.
Stepping into some deep hole of working shit things
OR maybe it turn out to be perfect.

Enjoying the work while i get paid
Wow, getting the salary = greatest thing exchange for work.
I do hope that i really getting into it.
I mean who wan to face something we hate 5 days a week.

Point point. what is the point.
Blah blah blah
Let me conclude that I'm ready babe!!

wow. my writing style change a little bit maybe?
I'm glad!!
Enjoy and have a nice penis day.
Lol!! forget bout penis.
have a nice day.

I'm so in love with the word penis..
not suitable.?
hell ya.. i should love vagina!!
Shit.. getting so gay.

PS: forget bout the penis. i'm just getting crazy.
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The climb


My blog post is now become so lifeless
No more attention and direction
I'm writing to the air.
After everything change.

I thinking of changing the theme of this blog someday .
I try to step into your life
somehow u build a strong wall
and place me behind the wall .

I do believe that somehow if i try hard enough
I will be manage to overcome the big build wall.
I do tried to climb and climb
I climb so far that i cant even c the land

However, the more i climb the taller u build.
With the limited energy,
Taking the last step
Eventually now i free fall from the wall
Without the hand to hold me up
I fall and even hurt myself.

I'm not dead ,I'm just tired 
Walk away is the only choice.
I guess now i only can stand far away
To be happy observing your life

Maybe in the far future
When i walk into the same land again.
There will be gate open for me.
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Sunday, April 24, 2011





I'm mad of myself being rude and fool.
Being neglect every single day
Is not something that i hope .

I should thank everyone
giving me every single memory
that  i build for this pass 3 year.
I love peace

Some days , some how
I will be be with u all again
I'm proud for every single step that i walk.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

I believe in today society, many people are emphasising
very much on individual behaviour and manner, or perhaps
it was only greatly emphasis to a certain group of people,

to display their undesirable
manners into a pleasant ones.

Well, in no doubts, having good manners is a very important
set of behaviors which somehow mark a particular person to
be civilized or cultured member of a society!

And I strongly believe, manners are usually taught from
a very young age.
As I always remember how I was taught
by my parents the importance of being
polite and considerate towards the people around me.

However, not all the people I knew perform good manners but
rather to me they are considered to be boorish and rude!

I mean, you dont need to be particularly high educated

or having a pleasant look/good looking 
to impress others and classified to
be good manner.

I mean, it comes from the heart, and not those who mask their
true, deceitful nature to hoodwink others, and to whether those
are considered sincere or pretentious, you decide!

Well, i say a good starting point is to understand why one should
always show gratitude and appreciation towards others, especially
those who REALLY CARES for you!

And from my point of view, people who possess ill-manners are
those who :

  • Fart in the public, and still pretending,
  • Falsely accused the innocent victims & victimise oneself,
  • Deliberately hangs up phone call when the other party is stillholding on at the other end,
  • Interrupting other's conversation,
  • Ignoring urgent calls & sms texts,
  • Create unnecessary joke,
  • Take my things without my persmission,
  • Back stabbing & many more.

Simply no excuses!!!

The above mentioned are examples of the crude people who perform
crude manners that irritates me, and I seriously wonder how these
people could act such a sweet angel in front of everyone, but in fact
they talk shit behind everyone back!

Well, such a pity ....

I guessed, it is time to turn nasty and stop being kind to everyone,
though I'm still consider myself a patient person, and had given

plenty of 2nd chances to many people, however I am not a saint,
and I do have my limits!!!

Arghhh ....

Perhaps I need a few minutes to restart my thoughts now, and
just be thankful that there still plenty of things for me to happy
about, rather than these crude stuff ...

PS: Some people really got the power to make my life
feeling like a living hell ar! However just keep this in mind,
you no longer my weakness anymore, no more ....
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

bii- 迷路

new song on d blog.
love this song lyric so much
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JOGOYA buffet lunch at starhill?

B4 the sun shine in my room,
I woke up to feel the breeze of cold wind.

lol!! wtf out of tittle.
Jogoya ?? suck~
Hahaha variety of food over there but  the food quality so low
I don't feel like eating more after took once.

They do had Haagen dazs but with only 1 type flavour?. lol?
Talking about the salmon slice.
The salmon feel so watery and cut in big size.

The coconut drink was nice but then only limited
I come in at 12.30 and only manage to take 1 .
when its about 1.30, there were no more available

I wait for the fried prawn for so long
at last still not manage to take any.

The refilling food section was so slow
Alot of ppl need to q up just to take .
What a BUFFET ~

order some jap king crab that only available for  VIP member card
but then taste like eating some low class normal crap.

VIP? lol.. u need VIP TO EAT UNAGI.
I can get unagi anywhere, nth special after all.
some of my table member do order it
and it come with a small slice only.. lol~

Oya i forget to mention, even if u r VIP member.
u only can order one plate per person for VIP dishes 

Any other food was just ok and nothing special.
For the price that paid to consume something like this
Its totally not worth.
What worth is that i full fill my stomach.
It was a good try for the first time

PS: not much pic taken  coz coz coz 6p in the dinning table, i only noe 2 paiseh~ xp
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Monday, April 18, 2011

RM 24935.2

look at the bill From digi~
massive amount~
"Digi always the smartest choice"
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

11.20p.m 16/4/2011

This time, this moment 
I really need some heavy food
MCD, KFC , ?
I need to know
Do i really that desperate to drunk my self?
Yes "drunk" !!
Bring it on babe, i don't care anymore.

****UPDATE ****
FAIL to step out from house.. haha
anywhere just felt so silly for this whole semester.
I will be off soon. 
Nothing that i want to leave behind .
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Sesame Street: Elmo's Song

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Friday, April 15, 2011

the best


Lately i kept on repeat playing the same song


added the song to my blog last few days

i love the line 

多少天 多少夜 爱一个人很难 爱自己更难
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Friends said that i changed alot
I'm lovely for the pass few year  but not nw
When i have a look of my self,
Hell ya, i learn to build more self defense.

I wish I could do much better.
Better than what I am capable of now.

So many things changed
But so many remained the same
Alot seemed strange
Yet i'm still fighting
I am a liar but yes, i speak the truth
The best and the worst in my mouth
Here i stand with nothing to fear

Losing the best perhaps is for the best
I believe they are all similar
My story just ended before i could start
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